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Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is an app from the Gmail team. Inbox is an organized place to get things done and get back to what matters. Bundles keep emails organized.

Neutron screenshot

Neutron Radiation Dosimeter

Prototype of the user interface for a radiation dosimeter connected to an iOS device. The hardware measures radiation and other physical parameters.

Naranja Widget Library

A general-purpose library of widgets based on AngularJS used by ElasticBox main product.

eyeOS Mobile screenshot

eyeOS Mobile

New version of eyeOS Mobile platform. Apps are rewritten on top of a brand new client based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Ventus Window Manager

R&D project of a window manager written in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, showing the capabilities of these technologies. This project was the foundation of eyeOS's new desktop window manager.


eyeOS is a private-cloud application platform with a web-based desktop interface. It delivers a whole desktop from the cloud with file management, personal management information tools, collaborative tools and with the integration of the client’s applications.

eyeOS also provides a virtualization solution based on HTML5. It virtualizes on premise Legacy Apps, Microsoft Office and other local heavy-duty productivity Apps like Autocad or Photoshop for their remote delivery into eyeOS Web Desktop Interface.

Terminus JS Library

An open source Javascript library to create your own command shells in the browser.

Web based terminal written in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. A tool for developers who need to integrate a customized command line in their web tools or just provide a terminal as a service.

Orthopilot Sketch

Aesculap OrthoPilot

Orthopaedic navigation system for the precise execution of surgical interventions.

GUI tool for developers based on OpenGL, Qt, C++ and Python to create OrthoPilot's graphical components.

Mars 3D Mission Simulator

The MARS system is used to prepare aircraft missions, from downloading digital cartographic data to creating transfer media or flight documents.

Development of 3D Engine based on OpenGL, Ogre and C++. The rendering involved real time terrain extraction and GEOTiff texture generation retrieved from different Sagem proprietary sources, GIS and databases.